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El Chorro is an easy drive inland along the A357 from Malaga airport. It takes roughly an hour.

If you are travelling from the north, you head towards Antequera and take the A343 from there towards Valle de Abdalajis and then on to El Chorro.

There is a regular train service from Malaga to El Chorro but only two or three trains a day. There is also a regular train service to nearby Álora with trains running more frequently. 

The web address below is the Renfe train website where you can enter Malaga – Victoria Kent and Álora or El Chorro in the “departure” and “destination” boxes for an up-to-date list of train times.


There is a bus service to El Chorro from Álora, however with only two a day it is not possible to make the return journey by bus in one day. 

When staying in El Chorro, it is possible to rely on public transport and to stay mostly in the local area, however, to take full advantage of what's on offer in this part of Andalucia, renting a car is recommended.