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Public Holidays

National and local public holidays

On public holidays in Spain, all of the local shops and supermarkets will be shut. Families use these days to spend time together and enjoy the festivities or customs. Some of these dates vary from year to year and there are also more local public holidays that are not listed here.

National holidays and festivals in Spain are a time when the entire country comes together and gets involved in the festivities, so for the most part everything completely shuts down. This includes shops and banks as well as most cafes and bars. Holidays in Spain are taken on the exact day they fall whether that be midweek or weekend. The holiday is not moved to the Monday or Friday to create three day weekends as is often done in other countries. This means that a large percentage of people take days off, a “puente” (bridge), to create four or five day long weekends. For example, if a holiday falls on Tuesday everyone also takes Monday off, “bridging” their holidays so to speak. During puentes, public transport is usually extremely busy and overpriced and it is recommended not to travel on these days.

Bank holidays in Spain are one of two types. They’re either regional holidays or national holidays. When there is a regional holiday it doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of Spain is on holiday. Each province has its own public holidays in conjunction with the national ones. 

Some general rules when there is a public holiday:
  • All public offices close
  • Nearly all shops and commercial traders close
  • Only a few bars and restaurants stay open – it’s best to check
  • Reduced public transport services
  • Museums remain open
  • Reduced medical and emergency services
  • There is a possibility of increased taxi fares and limited availability

1 January National: Año Nuevo (New Year's Day)
6 January National: Dia de los tres Reyes
20 January National: San Sebastian (Saint Stephen’s Day)
28 February Regional: Dia de Andalucia
19 March National: San Jose
13 & 14 April in 2017 National: Holy Thursday and Good Friday
1 May National: Dia del Trabajo (Labour Day) and May Day
15 May Regional: Malaga only – San Isidro’s Day
6 June (can vary) National: Corpus Christi
24 June National: San Juan (St.John's Day)
29 June National: San Pedro y San Pablo (St.Peter & St.Paul)
25 Jul National: Santiago (St.James, patron saint of Spain)
15 August National: Asuncion (Assumption)
19 August Regional: Malaga - Incorporación de Málaga a la Corona de Castilla (Reconquest of Malaga)
8 September Regional: Antequera – Feria de la Patrona Ntra. Sra. de las Virtudes
8 September Regional: Malaga - Virgen de la Victoria.
12 October National: Dia de la Hispanidad (Columbus Day)
1 November National: Todos los Santos (All Saints Day)
6 December National: Dia de la Constitucion (Constitution Day)
8 December National: Immaculada Concepcion (Immaculate Conception)
25 December National: Navidad (Christmas Day)
26 December National: Saint Stephen
28 December National: Dia de los Santos Inocentes - similar to Fools Day which is just an excuse enjoy some fun and games