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Paddle-boarding is one of the fastest growing watersports in Europe, and is booming in places like Australia and the USA. It is similar to surfing, but a lot easier as the rider stands up on a long, wide board and uses a long paddle to propel themselves across the water.

The Lakes at El Chorro are a great place to learn as the water is often very calm and still. Once you have mastered it, what better way to travel across the turquoise waters to explore the surrounding landscape.

At La Isla, paddle-boards are on hire very reasonably at £8 euros an hour. Note, that these prices were correct in Autumn 2016 and are subject to change at any time. There are no facilities for paying with cards – they only take cash.

As is often the way in this part of Spain, there is a very relaxed approach to doing business: it’s not always easy to spot the person in charge of the paddle-boards and kayaks – they might be having a chat with their mates or having a quick picnic lunch – so if you catch them in one of these moments, be prepared to sit and enjoy the tranquility, the scenery and the soothing effect of the water until they reappear.

As with all water activities here, there are not the health and safety requirements that you might find in the UK or some other countries: there are no life-jackets and no-one checks that you can swim. You take full responsibility for yourself and any children you have with you.