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How to book tickets for El Caminito

How to book tickets for El Caminito del Rey

1. Go to www.caminitodelrey.info

2. Click on BOOK YOUR VISIT in the box at the top of the left-hand column.

3. Wait a few seconds to be re-directed.

4. In the top right of the screen you can click CASTELLANO to have the website in Spanish or ENGLISH to have it in English.

5. You will see boxes with dates on the screen – often these seem to be duplicated, but don’t worry, just click on the one which includes the dates you want.

Ignore the CANJEO POR CIERRE boxes and just choose one of the CAMINITO DEL REY boxes.

When you have chosen the dates you want, click on the COMPRAR button in that box.

6. You can now navigate the calendar to select the date you want. Usually you can book up to six months in advance.

When you click on the date you want, a list of time slots appears on the right-hand side showing in red which time slots are fully booked and in green which are still available. It also shows how many places are left on each time slot.

When you have chosen the date and time slot you want, click CHOOSE on the right-hand side of the time slot you have chosen.

7. It might appear as if nothing has happened after you clicked CHOOSE, but when you scroll down, you will see the date and time you have chosen right underneath the calendar on the left. The option to choose the number and type of your tickets is below.

8. It is recommended you choose ENTRADA GENERAL & AUTOBUS otherwise you will have an almost impossibly long walk back to your car when you have finished.

9. Click the plus button (+) to add the number of tickets you want and then click PURCHASE.

10. You will now see a fresh page showing details of your selection and the total amount you have to pay.

11. Fill out your details in the boxes provided. You have to tick that you accept the terms and conditions. You have to enter your phone number with no spaces.

12. Click FINISH.

13. Then enter your card details on the new screen:

a. No. Tarjeta = the long number on the front of your credit or debit card
b. Caducidad = the month and year your card expires
c. Cod. Seguridad = the last three digits from the security code on the back of your card

14. When you have entered these details, click on PAGAR.

15. You will receive confirmation of your booking, your tickets and booking details to the email address you have given.

Make sure you print everything off to take with you to the Caminito and do read the rules – there are some surprising ones on the list that it’s good to be aware of.