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El Chorro

Welcome to elchorro.es - the visitor's guide to all things El Chorro. This site gives helpful information and guidance to people staying in and around the breathtaking El Chorro area.

El Chorro is an enchanting place with stunning natural scenery. It offers a perfect setting for you to breathe, relax and connect with nature as well as providing an exciting backdrop for more adventurous activities.

The main attraction of El Chorro is the magnificence and beauty of its setting and the dramatic El Caminito del Rey walkway. El Chorro is also in a great location for exploring other parts of Andalucia and there are many nearby historic and interesting sites to visit as well as a multitude of traditional Andalucian towns & cities that offer plenty to do and see.

El Chorro itself is a pretty little village on the railway line inland from Malaga offering a scattering of houses and self-catering cottages, a basic supermarket, a railway station and a handful of hotels, bars and restaurants.

The opening of the rebuilt Caminito del Rey in 2015 has been one of the most anticipated events in Southern Spain in recent years. The new pathway has been making headlines across the world, with Lonely Planet nominating a walk along the Caminito as one of the "hottest things to do". The walk takes you through the most spectacular scenery and gives you incredible views of the gorge, the dramatic surrounding landscape, the unique local flora and fauna and the squadrons of Griffon Vultures circling overhead.

Surrounded by a magnificent landscape with scenic walks and views on all sides for those wishing to relax and take it easy, and with plenty of activities on offer for the more active, visitors to El Chorro describe it as a destination that has given them an amazing experience which will stay with them for life.