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El Chorro is a gem of cycling destination. With its impressive scenery and winding tarmac roads, this area offers plenty for both road and mountain bikers to get their teeth into.

People who have visited Ardales and El Chorro as part of a cycling holiday rave about the experience. On or off-road, there are some amazing challenges and rides to be experienced amidst the beauty of the natural landscape here.

Road Biking

You cannot drive far in this part of Andalucía without passing or hovering behind single or groups of cyclists who are either enjoying a ride or doing some serious training. This part of Spain is sometimes included in the annual regional road race, Vuelta a Andalucía, and was even a stage in the famous La Vuelta in 2015.

There are numerous routes you can follow and maps galore online, or you can plot your own route and itinerary to suit your own requirements. There are plenty of other activities in and around El Chorro, as well as some wonderful accommodation to enjoy if you want to have a break from a longer cycling adventure.

Mountain Biking

The El Chorro area offers a real treat for mountain-bikers. With its sunshine and maze of tracks and mountain roads, you can view sights that road-bound tourists don’t normally get to see. The terrain and climate is ideal for improving technique and overall fitness. El Chorro and the lake area around the Huma Mountain and Bobastro offers superb biking, including tough climbs and long descents, miles of technical singletrack, as well as more gentle trails.

The area is ideally suited to the experienced mountain biker, who can ride three to five hours a day. The climbs are testing [2,500ft-5000ft], ranging from 9 - 30 percent and so are the descents. The natural single tracks range from white knuckle rides over rock, with some crazy switchbacks, to loose gravel and dusty goat tracks which are safe for all.

Nearly all of the routes are remote in places, so you need to carry spares for your bikes [and be able to repair them], lots of water in the summer + snacks and a mobile, with the relevant local numbers in it. Do not underestimate the distance, 20 or 30 miles off road in the El Chorro area can be very challenging but enjoyable.

There are a selection of local guides that can help you with your mountain-biking requirements.