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El Chorro is a paradise for bird-watchers as it is home to a wide range of resident and visiting birds and is still relatively undiscovered by the bird-watching community. 

Its most famous residents are the Griffon Vultures which nest in the rock faces surrounding the El Chorro Gorge and are often found circling above El Caminito del Rey. It’s always an awe-inspiring and humbling experience to see these birds and their three metre wing-span at close quarters. If you’re in the right place at the right time you can see them at eye level as they glide in to roost in the evening. As well as the Griffon and Egyptian vultures, other birds of prey found in the area are Bonelli’s, Booted and Short-toed Eagles.

There are also Kestrels, Peregrines, occasionally Golden Eagles, and a whole host of resident and visiting birds ranging from Finches to Firecrests. 

Whatever your level of birding experience, El Chorro is a great place to spend some time. You can either do some of the local walks yourself, in your own time and with your own equipment, or you can book a session with an expert and be guided to the best places with the highest chances of spotting something exciting.