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Arabic Staircase

More than 256 steps form this man-made staircase which rises up through the Sierra de Huma, making use of the existing crevices in the rock. Despite its name, it seems that the ‘Moorish’ staircase was built during the past century.

You can walk to the Arabic Staircase from El Chorro though there are no signs and it seems difficult to get hold of a map. It's best to ask local staff working in the café and Hotel Garganta for directions.

Those who climb the steps will come to the Cortijo de Canpedrero estate, from where you can continue on to the top of these mountains. The steps are irregular and have been cut or prepared with stones and rocks to provide an easier way up to the highest area of the mountain range. Climbing the stone staircase has its reward in an incredible panoramic view of the spectacular landscape surrounding El Chorro.